Agricultural Applications

Crop Inputs

Crop Health Products
  • Activate soil microbes on your schedule
  • Build soil carbon and increase quality
  • Feed your soil, not just your plants

Soil carbon quality is the fulcrum of the farm. Health soils = Healthy farms, adding soil probiotics and prebiotics build healthy soils. Start working with nature to increase your bottom line and your sense of well being. Discover The Biological Method to crop nutrient management.

Dust Control, Housing and Raceway Stabilization

  • Acid proof animal house flooring
  • Eliminate dust permanently
  • Reduce Hoof injury and falls
  • Huge ROI

AggreBind can provide soil stabilized base layers for barn floors, or access roads, from in-situ soils that are then surface sealed to reduce soil contamination and to assist in surface cleaning. AggreBind is water and virtually all Acids proof.

Probiotic Animal Housing Cleaners

Crop Health Products

  • Reduce Antibiotics
  • Reduce Disease, Culls, and Condemns
  • Increase Feed Conversion

Pip Probiotic Animal Housing Cleaners provide a new perspective on sterilization. By working with nature to create a healthy stabile microflora that is beneficial to animals, Pip Animal Housing Cleaners have been shown to reduce infections and thereby antibiotics, reduce culls and condemns, reduce slips and falls, and produce healthier more productive live stock with increased feed conversion and weight gain.

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