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Chrisal Probiotic Cleaners are the future of cleaning. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, three dimensional cleaners that incorporate 'green' detergents, natural enzymes, and the power of living probiotics clean continuously for up to 3 days. The probiotics in Chrisal products are carefully selected to work to their maximum effect under extremely diverse external conditions. All our probiotics have been approved for use in food and have been analysed by external institutions for a variety of safety aspects.

Chrisal Animal Housing Probiotic Cleaners

  • Completely non-toxic
  • Chrisal reduces the need for harsh chemicals!
  • Highly effective and long lasting
  • Wide variety of uses

With the advent of probiotic cleaning products Chrisal has caused a real breakthrough in animal care and hygiene for professional growers. Both breeders of a variety of animal species and animal parks have already experienced the many benefits of Chrisal probiotic Animal Housing products. Given that the potential applications for animal husbandry are very diverse, it is always advisable to have a Chrisal representative contact you. During an on-site visit, the best possible product can be chosen, and you will receive the necessary instructions on the best way to use the products.

Whether it is about keeping animals for a living, or keeping animals as a hobby, their health comes first. Healthy animals are happier and moreover, they are more productive and more profitable. We are very proud of the fact that, after a thorough assessment, the famous ‘Artis’ zoo in Amsterdam has chosen to use Chrisal probiotic products to keep the animal accommodation clean and hygienic in the best possible, sustainable way.

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