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Apr 12 / 21 How Root Exudation Technologies Work

There have been a considerable amount of questions around our “root exudation technologies”. This is how it works.TRickin

In a forest setting, trees devote 20-40% of their photosynthetic energy to the production of root exudates in the form of carbon compounds. The symbiotic relationship between trees and microbes with the exchange of carbon for nutrients is key for long term forest sustainability. By reducing this root exudation energy burden on trees, we allow them to devote more energy into root and vegetative development.

To expedite this process, Eco Health has developed a formula that mimics root exudation to trigger microbes into believing the tree is sending its carbon compounds. As this formula is consumed, microbes release their metabolites of volatile fatty acids (VFA’s), organic acids and enzymes into the soil matrix. This process produces bio-available fertilizer by releasing locked-up minerals and creates antibiotics to boost plant immunity to environmental stresses. This is the Biological Method.