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Apr 12 / 21 How Soil Probiotics Fight Disease Through Competitive Exclusion

There has been a number of inquiries around soil probiotics so I wanted to provide a quick explanation of one-way beneficial soil microbes improve soil and plant health: #1 disease suppression.

Gause’s Law of Competitive Exclusion states that two species competing for the same limited resource cannot coexist at constant population values. Easier said, no two microbes can occupy the same space at the same time.

We like to refer to the analogy of a hotel. If you occupy the “rooms” in your soils with beneficial microbes, you fill the hotel with the guests of your choosing. If you leave the rooms vacant with unlocked doors,  you allow unwanted guests (disease) to linger.

Beneficial microbes work up to 5X faster than disease organisms and outcompete for space and resources, keeping the disease in check. Hence the reason forests and jungles continue to replenish themselves and the cycle of life continues!

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