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Apr 12 / 21 2021: The Latest on Dealing with Compaction, pH, & Mineral Deficiencies

What’s your Challenge?

At Eco Health, we see the challenges many urban forestry managers are facing. After 4 years of infield research and working with municipal arborists across Canada, the top 3 challenges we have identified affecting urban forestry are: 

  1. Compaction
  2. High Soil pH 
  3. Mineral Deficiencies

To address these 3 challenges, Eco Health has created a network of top phd specialists and laboratories from across North America to target cost-effective strategies that are simple to implement and produce results.

Through soil and petiole testing, we can help isolate infield conditions urban forestry managers are facing and provide assurance your trees get the needed essentials. By addressing the “bio-geo-mineral” interactions in soils, we support municipalities in maturing healthy trees and realizing the benefits of increased canopy cover and carbon sinking.

What’s your Challenge?

Receive a complimentary mineral and biological analysis on us!

We look forward to meeting your challenges head-on and developing solutions on the latest issues around Urban Forestry Development.