Reclam8 - Hydroseed Prebiotic Soluble Powder


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reclam8TM is a balanced blend of organic acids, plant extracts, minerals, and carbohydrates specifically designed to help catalyze Bio-Geo-Chemical processes in soils.

reclam8TM has been shown to promote the growth of beneficial soil bacteria & fungi and major nutrient cycling protozoa. reclam8TM kick starts the bio-chemical cycles in soils by helping to condition an ideal environment for beneficial soil biology which provides continuous natural nutrient cycling patterned after nature itself.

Each ingredient provides a specialized function in soil stabilization (aggregate development), carbon sequestering, and chemical compound cycling initiation. It coats mineral surfaces with a membrane-like bi-layer, which aids in the solubilization of otherwise insoluble compounds by dissolving, complexing, and chelating bound nutrients. reclam8TM may help to re-energize soil bio-chemical processes that may aid in transitioning to natural nutrient production after starter fertilizer use when used as directed. Ingredients in reclam8TM may increase seed germination rates and help reduce transplant stress.

reclam8 control reclam8 3 Days after treatment

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