Soil Stabilizer Products

Community Access Roads


  • Dramatically reduce maintenance costs due to rutts, washboard, and potholes
  • Improve user safety- can be painted
  • Control dust and erosion
  • Cost effective solution

AggreBind Soil Stabilization is the answer to what is needed on a global scale. The world desperately needs new, cost effective, and more environmentally friendly solutions for road construction and road maintenance. Cost evaluations indicate that AggreBind soil stabilization can produce savings of 40% to 60% over conventional road construction. AggreBind remains traceable after installation and this provides excellent quality controls.

Multi Use Pathways


  • Non-Toxic environmentally friendly water based polymer
  • Use recycled concrete and asphalt or any waste material
  • Stabilise in-situ crusher fines for greater user safety and lowered maintenance

Pathways, cycleways, driveways and parking areas can be recycled and repaired with AggreBind soil stabilization. AggreBind soil stabilization is extremely resilient to heat, frost and snow, is unaffected by petrol and oil spillages and is totally harmless to animals and is simple to apply and easy to use.

Golf Cart Paths


  • Use in-situ materials or grind existing broken asphalt or concrete
  • Prevent washouts and ingress of weeds and turf
  • Maintain cart revenues year round
  • Installed for a fraction of the cost of new asphalt

For economic and environmental reasons it is preferable that existing construction materials are, wherever possible, treated and reused on-site for recycling asphalt, pothole and tree root repairs etc. Reinstatement costs are significantly lower and installation timeframes are shorter than importing and using new materials. No materials are removed from the site, there are no deposits of waste materials into landfill. There is less inconvenience and frustration for players.

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