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Water Remediation

Aside from the obvious properties for sustaining ourlives, water can be viewed as our most valuable ‘product’ that can't be replaced by something else because of its unique physical and chemical properties. Water is a very important ‘tool’ in many industrial production processes. However, water is also the source of all life and this can cause a series of dynamic side effects that can become very problematic in a number of applications of water if left unchecked. Given the major importance of a good natural microbial balance in natural waterways, Eco Health has developed a probiotic and green chemistry product range to solve problems related to water in a natural way.

Most water systems suffer from the same sort of problems such as biofilm formation, algae, odours, excessive nutrients, and germs. All these problems have a microbial nature and can be managed by using Eco Health Probiotic and Green Chemistry products. The products are currently used in Aquaculture, Koi ponds, Golf ponds, Aquariums, Cooling water processes, Lakes, Wastewater lagoons, and Retention ponds. Given that the potential applications are very diverse, it is always advisable to have a Eco Health representative contact you. During a consult, the most suitable prescription can be written once the scope of the challenges are understood. It is seldom one single issue and as a result, rarely can one product solve the problem. In most cases a pragmatic approach with continued monitoring is advised.

Enviro Health Products

Multifaceted Approach: Biological and Chemical Analysis

When a complex multi-species consortium of facultative bacteria are delivered in combination, it can provide a consistent performance under varying waterway conditions. Natural water ecology shifts dynamically throughout the bioremediation process, therefore the multi-dynamic organisms in Aquasan and Aquasan Pro facilitate a continual and consistent degradation of sludge and nutrient load in sewage pipes and wastewater lagoons, ponds and irrigation dugouts, holding tanks and reservoirs, lakes and swimming ponds. When paired with Nualgi Lakes Diatom stimulant, the Aquasan line cost effectivly deals with Algae, Biofilm, FOG, COD, BOD, and TSS while reducing H2S and malodours in treatment lagoons, ponds, lakes, irrigation dugouts, virtually anywhere stagnant water exists, at a fraction of the energy consumption of conventional mechanical methods such as running pumps and aerators full time.


  • Primary and Secondary Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • Industrial Lagoons
  • Pit Toilets, RV and Marine Dumps
  • Food and Beverage Industries
  • All types of Drain systems


  • Consistent and Continuous Results
  • Works synergistically with Nualgi Lakes
  • Reduces Energy Consumption
  • Reduces Capital and Maintenance Costs
  • Mitigates High Sludge Removal Costs
  • > 50 million CFU's per ml

The Costly Problem of Fats, Oils, and Greases

Pipe Maintenance truck
Costly excessive pipe maintenance

Sanitary Sewer Overflow
Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO’s)

Costly and dangerous sewage pumping station grease build-up
Costly and dangerous lift station grease build-up
Excessive FOG build-up and treatment capacity at the wastewater plants
Excessive FOG build-up at the wastewater plants

Natural Water Treatment Products

  • Nualgi Lakes

    Nualgi Lakes

    What is Nualgi? Nualgi is a patented liquid formulation which is dosed into a water body once a week to
  • PIP Aquasan Pro

    PIP Aquasan Pro

    PIP Aquasan Pro is a powerful concentrate for the maintenance of large volumes of water (from 100 m³) such as
  • PIP Aquasan

    PIP Aquasan

    PIP Aquasan is a powerful probiotic concentrate for water maintenance of small ponds or natural swimming pools (up to 100
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