Horticultural Applications


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Horticultural Applications

Floral Health Products

  • Increase stem, leaf and flower weight
  • Reduce time to market
  • Increase overall quality
  • Reduce production costs

Floral Health products have been university proven to increase flower bud set, speed to maturity, foliage spread, and root growth...And this was before we added the patented homogenous 14 mineral nano-silica particles and Nutrient Use Efficiency products to the line. Increases of 10% yields, 8% active constituents and terpene levels beyond worker tolerance in medicinal crops against General Hydroponics and Advanced Nutrients in PhD led initial research trials.

Turf Health Products

  • Minimise disease pressure
  • Gain greater control
  • Speed recovery time
  • Grow massive roots

Our Turf Health Products have been shown to reduce dependency on fungicides by 33% or more, helping to fight disease chemical resistance, while reducing granular fertilizer applications by 45% by increasing Nutrient Use Efficiency with improved esthetics and playability. Together we've almost halved the environmental impact and chemical exposure of workers and patrons in Western Canada in less than 4 years.

  • Decrease transplant mortality
  • Reduce senescence and abscission due to abiotic and biotic stresses
  • Improve drought tolerance

Give urban landscape trees a fighting chance. Natural forests rely on vast symbiotic nurseries with mother trees working with soil microbes to nurture young trees. The unnatural transplanting of isolated strips of trees, of the same age, into hastened manufactured soils requires informed ecologically focused inputs that do not create a synthetic mineral dependency.

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