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Acceler8 - GH - Soil-less Prebiotic Soluble Powder

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acceler8TM is a proprietary blend of organic acids, plant extracts and carbohydrates specifically designed to catalyze Bio-Geo-Chemical processes in highly managed horticultural production systems.

acceler8TM has been shown to promote the growth of beneficial soil bacteria & fungi and major nutrient cycling protozoa. acceler8TM kick starts the bio-chemical cycles in soils by helping to condition an ideal environment for beneficial soil biology.

Each ingredient we have selected for the acceler8TM formula provides a specialized function in soil stabilization (aggregate development), carbon sequestering or chemical compound cycling initiation. It coats mineral surfaces with a membrane-like bi-layer, which aids in the solubilization of otherwise insoluble compounds by dissolving, complexing, and chelating bound nutrients. acceler8TM may re-energize soil bio-chemical processes and maximize the efficiency of mineral fertilizer inputs when used as directed.


A healthy soil predator/prey ecology helps to release bound nutrients in the soil solution and compete with potentially harmful organisms. Microbial diversity has repeatedly been shown to foster overall plant health, stability and resilience. Beneficial microbiology provides plants with Immune Boosting Hormones and Plant Growth Promoting Enzymes which serve to strengthen Natural Plant Defense Mechanisms. acceler8, and its counterpart beneBlend, are the first step in Integrated Pest Management to help reduce infection rates and slow the spread of infection through fostering a competitive soil ecology.

acceler8TM may allow you the time to diagnose and target specific infection sites before significant monetary loss: reducing over applications of chemical controls and helping to mitigate pathogen resistance to chemical treatments. Incorporating acceler8TM in your management practices may maximize the efficiency of fertilizers by increasing natural nutrient cycling and solubilizing soil nutrient reserves when used as directed.

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