Sumo Bio Bags

Sumo Bio Bags




SUMO Bio-Bags are engineered for strength and high visibility yet are still environmentally responsible .  Even eco-friendly bags as durable as these will totally degrade when exposed to sunlight and oxygen thanks to EPI’s TDPA pioneering technology.


Sumo Bio-Bags are now available in Bright Green for high visibility or Clear for recycling with both options engineered for maximum capacity.

Large Trash Bag


Bright Green Kitchen/Office Trash Bag
58.4cm x 66cm / 23in x 26in / 42L

Clear Recycling Bag


Clear Quick Tie Recycling Bag 78.8cm x 102cm / 31in x 40in / 120L

X-Large Trash Bag


Bright Green Quick Tie Garbage Bag
78.8cm x 102cm / 31in x 40in / 120L

Giant Bin Liners


Bring Green Quick Tie Bin Liners
106.7cm x127cm / 42in x 50in / 270L

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