The SilviHealth Program

Fast-Track the Handoff Back to Nature

3 Part System

There is an easy and affordable approach to maintain healthy green spaces in a way that can be measured in years – which translates to thousands of dollars. Anyone can plant a tree, but it takes special attention to mature a healthy tree past 25 years in an urban setting.

The SilviHealth Program has been shown to alleviate environmental stresses such as compaction, low organic matter, heat stress, and water retention to foster ideal conditions for juvenile tree reestablishment in native soils. Manage your trees with the needed essentials; right from the start, with the SilviHealth Program.


Science at your Fingertips

The SilviHealth Program is a scientifically- based solution designed to assist urban forestry managers in solving the most challenging infield conditions. It encompasses a complete 3-pronged, bio-geo-mineral approach to address the 3 critical areas for successful tree reestablishment:

  • #1 - Compaction
  • #2 - Water Holding/ Infiltration Capacity
  • #3 - Mineral Availability

Eco Health’s unique root exudation technologies allow you to “hit the fast forward button” on tree establishment by increasing microbial growth that mines locked-up nutrients for greater resilience to environmental pressures. Complemented by adding our blend of ingredients to maximize water use and relieve compaction, each product in the SilviHealth Program will ensure the best chances that your trees reach their fullest genetic potential. The result - healthy, mature specimens.


What to Expect

Peace of Mind - Jump-start root development into native soils and fast track the hand-off back to nature.

Proven Financial & Productivity Gains - Gain more time planting new trees & less time fixing or replacing existing trees.

Easily Integrates into Current Practices - Easily integrates into watering & planting programs with NO mixing required.

  • The project we planted the Stampede Trees at was Guy Weadick‎ School Naturalization. The trees we received from Stampede were an estimated 12 foot average height and potted. They had received no water for the 2 week period over Stampede until they were planted in our Nursery mid July. They were then dug up again and planted at the naturalization site. In the years prior to our Acclim8 applications we had lost many trees...but none since.
    Mike Schellenberg, Calgary Board of Education
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