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Agricultural Applications

Crop Inputs

Crop Health Products
  • Activate soil microbes on your schedule
  • Build soil carbon and increase quality
  • Feed your soil, not just your plants

Soil carbon quality is the fulcrum of the farm. Health soils = Healthy farms, adding soil probiotics and prebiotics build healthy soils. Start working with nature to increase your bottom line and your sense of well being. Discover The Biological Method to crop nutrient management.

Dust Control, Housing and Raceway Stabilization

  • Acid proof animal house flooring
  • Eliminate dust permanently
  • Reduce Hoof injury and falls
  • Huge ROI

AggreBind can provide soil stabilized base layers for barn floors, or access roads, from in-situ soils that are then surface sealed to reduce soil contamination and to assist in surface cleaning. AggreBind is water and virtually all Acids proof.

Probiotic Animal Housing Cleaners

Crop Health Products

  • Reduce Antibiotics
  • Reduce Disease, Culls, and Condemns
  • Increase Feed Conversion

Pip Probiotic Animal Housing Cleaners provide a new perspective on sterilization. By working with nature to create a healthy stabile microflora that is beneficial to animals, Pip Animal Housing Cleaners have been shown to reduce infections and thereby antibiotics, reduce culls and condemns, reduce slips and falls, and produce healthier more productive live stock with increased feed conversion and weight gain.

Environmental Applications

Water Remediation

Nualgi Lakes Chrisal

  • Non-Toxic Environmentally Friendly Naturally Occuring Probiotics
  • Raise Dissolved Oxygen Naturally
  • Reduce Harmful Algae Growth and BOD
  • Reduce Energy Consumption and Equipment Load

Eco Health Industries has developed a range of probiotic products for use in water. Most water systems suffer from the same sort of problems such as biofilm formation, algae, odours and germs. All these problems have a microbial nature and can be solved and avoided by using Eco Health probiotic products.

Soil Stabilizer Products


  • Create Safe Rural Roads
  • Safely Reuse Entrapped Contaminated Material in Road Construction
  • Provides Cost Effective Mine Tailings Remediation
  • Recycle a Variety of Wastes into Value Add Products

AggreBind soil stabilizer is a complex, water based, styrene acrylic cross-linking polymer that is environmentally friendly. It coats the surfaces of a wide range of contaminated materials, rendering them harmless and inert, and binds them together suitable as base construction materials for roadbase, blocks, pavers, roofing tiles and so much more.

Hydroseed Erosion Control


  • Non-Toxic Environmentally Friendly Naturally Sourced Prebiotics
  • Foster Natural Nutrient Cycling
  • Increase Water Holding Capacity
  • Expedite Transition to self-Sustainable Environments

Eco Health Industries has developed a range of probiotic and prebiotic additive products for use in hydroseed blends. Most disturbed soil systems suffer from the same sort of problems such as nutrient deficiency, compaction, and low microbial activity. Address all three components of the soil by using Eco Health probiotic and prebiotic products.

  • The project we planted the Stampede Trees at was Guy Weadick‎ School Naturalization. The trees we received from Stampede were an estimated 12 foot average height and potted. They had received no water for the 2 week period over Stampede until they were planted in our Nursery mid July. They were then dug up again and planted at the naturalization site. In the years prior to our Acclim8 applications we had lost many trees...but none since.
    Mike Schellenberg, Calgary Board of Education
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