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Acclim8 - Tree Prebiotic Soluble Powder

More than water, Acclimate.

Creating a microbially appropriate rootzone in disturbed or manufactured soils is the key to a landscape project's success. Eco Health Products increase the water and nutrient holding capacity of highly disturbed or deficient soils and boost natural nutrient production in a way superior to fertilizers alone. By helping synergistic microbes survive the transplant process as well, the survival of shrubs and trees after transplant can be assured. It is these microbe-plant synergies that allow nature to flourish without fertilizer.

Encouraging these processes, in conjunction with steady physical improvements, will ensure project self-sustainability and success earlier and indefinitely. The freedom to reallocate replacement and maintenance costs to new projects installations can keep everyone on track to meet the most stringent municipal planting mandates.


Applying the Acclim8 soluble powder product has been shown to reduce your project's exposure to transplant mortality, and keep your projects, and dollars, on track. Plant biostimulants, microbial stimulants, and physical amendments encompassed in our Acclim8 soluble powder product, unlock the barriers to a project’s success and ultimately your budget freedom: Both ecologically and economically.

acclim8 Trial
  • Decrease climate and biotic stress
  • Increase nutrient availability throughout the growing season
  • Expedite the transition to natural sustainability
  • Proven Effective in Canadian Climates

Set the Stage for Transplant Success

Acclim8TM tree and woody perennial formula, is a proprietary blend of soluble organic acids, plant extracts, carbohydrates, and minerals specifically designed to help catalyze Bio-Geo-Chemical processes in urban, or compacted-low organic matter soils. Acclim8TM has been shown to promote the growth of beneficial soil bacteria & fungi and major nutrient cycling protozoa. Acclim8TM kick starts the bio-chemical cycles in soils by helping to condition an ideal environment for beneficial soil biology to flourish.

Non-Toxic & Environmentally Friendly

Each ingredient provides a specialized function in soil stabilization (aggregate development), plant carbon sequestering (photosynthesis), and chemical compound cycling initiation, aka bio-mining. First, Acclim8TM's 3 point mode of action starts by coating mineral surfaces with a membrane-like bi-layer which aids in the solubilization of otherwise insoluble compounds by dissolving, complexing, and chelating soil bound nutrients. Second, it initiates sustained microbial activity to build diversity and increase microbial competition, and third, it enhances plant tolerance to abiotic stress through increased plant function efficiency and water holding capacity. Ingredients in Acclim8TM may increase seedling survival rates and help reduce mature transplant stress.

Product Advantages:

  • Increase Nutrient Use Efficiency
  • Increase Water Holding & Infiltration
  • Decrease biotic & abiotic stress

Product Attributes:

  • 2 year shelf life
  • Ultra pure Soluble formula
  • Laboratory developed

Product Advantages:

  • Increase nutrient holding capacity
  • Increase water holding capacity
  • Decrease biotic & abiotic stress

Product Attributes:

  • 2 year shelf life
  • Ultra pure flowable formula
  • Laboratory developed

Before and After - Acclim8

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  • The project we planted the Stampede Trees at was Guy Weadick‎ School Naturalization. The trees we received from Stampede were an estimated 12 foot average height and potted. They had received no water for the 2 week period over Stampede until they were planted in our Nursery mid July. They were then dug up again and planted at the naturalization site. In the years prior to our Acclim8 applications we had lost many trees...but none since.
    Mike Schellenberg, Calgary Board of Education
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