Arbourez - Water Delivery System

Water Delivery System.

The Arbourez Water Management System is a complete 3 in 1 tree survival product designed to ensure maximum eco-efficiency in watering labour & application throughout the growing season. Extend your watering budget and get more done with the Arbourez. The patent pending, low profile, 110 litre design can significantly increase the required watering intervals to 7 - 14 days or longer, depending on tree requirements and seasonal weather, by supplying sufficient water to keep trees alive with one application during extended hot and dry spells.

New innovative design with high aesthetic value

Standing less than 1 foot above the soil surface, the low profile design is coloured earth brown to resemble the natural earth itself, and once installed, maintains proper tree well shape to guide roots away from the basal surface. This provides an unassuming aesthetic similar to mounded earth at the base of the tree- no more ugly garbage bags. Combine this with the durable UV stabilized HDPE composition with tamper resistant fasteners and eliminate seasonal on-off labour as the unit is designed to live infield for 3-5 years- 365 - No storage required


3 Products in One Easy Package!

arbourez water delivery system

The Arbourez unit replaces and improves on 3 conventionally used products to aid in tree survival:
1) The Watering Bag
2) The Trunk Guard- majority of tree deaths are caused by basal damage
3) The Weed Mat- suppress competitive weeds during the essential young periods of a trees life to encourage uniform growth structure

  • Cut your watering labour in half - or extend it to double the trees!
  • Huge 110L capacity- double conventional watering bags
  • Provides 3 point protection- Water, basal-trunk protection, weed suppression
  • Tamper proof theft-resistant design
  • Clog resistant weep holes
  • No storage or seasonal on-offs- move it from tree to tree every 3-5 years
  • Amortize cost over 10 to 13 years, 4-5 tree care life cycles!
arbourez water delivery system arbourez water delivery system

Maximize your Eco-Efficiency!

Reducing maintenance vehicle carbon emissions is another advantage to the Arbourez system. Less visits per tree to provide the essentials, not only minimizes these carbon offsets per tree, but extends budgets to give visits to more trees letting you accomplish more within the same budget. This can help accelerate the municipal timeline to achieving urban canopy cover goals on time and on budget.

More Affordable than Watering Bags!

When the cost of an Arbourez system is amortized over the units expected minimum lifetime of 10 years, it works out to less than the cost of purchasing watering bags with a maximum 3 year life expectancy. Further to that, municipalities can expect and average ROI within 2 years of being installed on the initial tree with reduced watering labour costs alone- add the cost of trunk guards and weed mats and the Arbourez proves itself as the easy economical choice.

100% Recyclable

Because of its HDPE main body construction and metal theft resistant fasteners, the Arbourez is completely recyclable at the end of it's service life. Compare this to the fate of the non-recyclable watering bags that end up in a land fill after 3 years, and the Arbourez proves itself as the easy ecological choice.


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