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beneBlendTM soil probiotic is a highly diversified carbon complex composed of beneficial bacteria, fungi, and protozoa of the rhizosphere, designed to help foster overall system function, productivity and resilience of intensively managed horticulture production systems. Developed from multiple highly specific source materials from natural deposits, and several expertly crafted & naturally humified complexes, beneBlendTM is triple filtered at 400 micron to ensure uniformity and consistency. We then convert beneBlendTM to a super concentrated pure, flowable suspension through our proprietary process.

A healthy soil predator/prey ecology helps to release nutrients in the soil solution and consume potentially harmful organisms. Microbial diversity has repeatedly been shown to foster overall ecosystem health, stability and resilience. Beneficial microbiology provides plants with Immune Boosting Hormones and Plant Growth Promoting Enzymes which serve to strengthen Natural Plant Defense Mechanisms.


beneBlendTM is the first step in Integrated Pest Management that may help reduce infection rates and slow the spread of infection by fostering a competitive soil ecology.

beneBlendTM may allow you the time to diagnose and target specific infection sites before significant monetary loss: reducing over applications of chemical controls and helping to mitigate pathogen resistance to chemical treatments. Incorporating beneBlendTM in your management practices may maximize the efficiency of fertilizers by increasing natural nutrient cycling and solublizing soil nutrient reserves when used as directed.

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