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Hydr8 - Soil Ammendment


Soil Water Management

Hydr8 soil water management formula, is a combination of 3 validated and proven soil amendments in one easy to apply blend. Hydr8 combines the benefits of Biochar, Natural Zeolites and Humic Substances. Each product was chosen for its complimentary action on water and nutrient characteristics in soils.

Environmentally Friendly

hydr8 system

3 Products in One Easy Package!

The Eco Health Advantage

1) Biochar acts as a water & nutrient absorber and a microbial storehouse. Recalcitrant carbons (hard to breakdown) become an essential component in productive soils by providing a long-term 'hotel', of sorts, for microbial life. The advantages of a quality manufactured Biochar product has been documented in several studies over many years. The key to a quality Biochar is in the selection of quality feed stock. Hard and semi-hardwoods are the best at ensuring strong pore structure and low heavy metals. Eco Health Industries sources Biochar made from a high percentage of maple, alder, and birch, as waste products of the timber industry of British Columbia.

2) Natural Zeolites support water & nutrient holding similar to Biochar, but also provide a breadth of trace minerals to the soil. Zeolites have been shown to provide advantages to situations where sandy or loamy soils have a difficult time holding water and nutrients, and conversely, they provide high clay or organic matter soils with structural aggregation to permit effective drainage. Essential trace minerals assist key metabolic functions in plants which support the production of immune defense compounds that allow trees to naturally resist stress and disease. Zeolites from the Rocky mountains of British Columbia have a wide range of these minerals and their addition to soils provide decades of supply for maturing trees.

3) Humates feed microbial life, chelate minerals, remediate toxins, and work to deflocculate compacted and heavy clay soils. The Humate deposits of Western Canada have unique characteristics rarely found anywhere else on earth. These deposits originated from ancient fresh water lakes and is thus differentiated as Humalites, compared to more common froms of humates known as Leonardites which are derived from salt water deposits. These fresh water origins give low quantities of heavy metals and the highest fulvic acid content, making them the purest forms of humic substances on the planet.

A Strong Foundation is the Key

Simply adding one or the other of these components will fail to address the complete picture in creating productive, self sustaining soils. Proper physical charactersistics in soils is the key to long-term success in flourishing urban forests. ECO-Efficient inputs which aid in the "hand off back to nature" allow budgets to go further as we spend more time planting than maintaining our urban forests. Nurturing microbial processes breaks the chain of maintenance and liberates Nature from the hand of humans.

Give Microbes a Chance!


Product Advantages:

  • Increase Nutrient Holding Capacity
  • Increase Water Holding Capacity
  • Aleviate Compaction
  • Foster Microbial Proceses in Soils

Product Attributes:

  • Virtually Unlimited Shelf-life
  • Scientifically Proven
  • Laboratory Developed to the proper ratios
  • Available in Both 25 kg Bags or 1000 kg Bulk Bags


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