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Cannabis Growth Growing cannabis: over 20 years experience.

Implementing the flexible Canna Growth Sciences semi-organic cannabis fertilizer program allows you to quickly and easily adapt to capitalize on the latest cannabis strain phenotype of the day. With the Best of Both Worlds.


Program Overview


  • Licensed cannabis producers
  • Micro/craft cannabis producers
  • Medical cannabis producers

Keep up with a fast-moving industry.

Nobody has to tell you growing legal pot is new. There are few legitimate studies out there. Peer-reviewed science is lacking. It seems every legacy grower has a one-hit-wonder story they keep chasing and rarely equal. However, following anecdotal methods never equates to repeatability or scalability.

Only science can do that.

Semi-Organic Canna Growth Sciences allow you to simply and easily adjust feed programs to make sure different strain phenotypes are getting the required nutrients in the proper form at the right time.

Straight synthetics produce high yields but poor flavour and aromas. Straight organics limit the precision control needed by professional growers to finish crops properly with consistently high yields. Canna Growth Sciences provides the highest value on the market today by combining both methods into one advanced, flexible program.

Canna Growth Sciences Advantages

  • Semi Organic program at the Price of a Synthetic
  • pH Simple reservoir mixing
  • Contains 4 Nutrient Use Efficiency Patents

What to Expect

What’s the flavour of the month?

Every plant has a predetermined genetic growth limit. In other words, we have a fixed goal line. As soon as we plant, the game clock starts. You can’t afford to miss when you have the bottom line and your reputation on the line.

Here are the priorities we discovered over the last 20 years helping growers under the Canadian ACMPR/MMAR program:

1) Strain phenotype selection and maintaining its genetics: Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

2) Quality environmental controls: Hydronic air conditioning, reverse osmosis water filtration, air exchange filtration & disinfection, and budget for enough dehumidification when using LED lighting and Hydronic air conditioning.

3) Understanding growing media biogeochemistry and knowing the properties of what you’re using is critical.

4) Use a complete and balanced, organically chelated/complexed fertilizer program that is easy to use and provides you with the flexibility to adapt to changing nutrient requirements. 

You guessed it! It’s all wrapped up in Canna Growth Sciences.

Our team of highly experienced grower consultants are here to assist you every step of the way.

Let’s Connect! Ask us about our Small Batch Custom Formulation Program

We can organically complex any liquid blend you want available in as little as 10 litres!

Stop paying for coloured RO water and ridiculously priced supplements.


The heaviest liquid plant food on the market includes four agricultural patents. This means you get more in every jug of advanced growing chemistry available at an affordable price. Our team of highly experienced consultants work with you and your growing team through every step of production. Here’s how it works:

  1. Review your tissue tests, your environment, and existing practices.
  2. Nutrient Program customization and identification of cultivation key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  3. Tissue Monitoring and real-time adjustments with custom small-batch corrective nutrient products and advice.


Caked with Resin Crystals

Results Water stress for resin production

Applying high fertilizer rates in the final stages of flower can increase resin production by increasing osmotic pressure in plants, however alternatively, using water stress techniques, through withholding, can produce equivalent results without aroma and flavour loss associated with chemically tasting/black burning product.

Check out how The Biological Method works for you!

blocking disease pythium rhizoctonia fusarium


Don’t leave it to chance. Take control over the unknown…with science.

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average Yields in grams per watt (LED)


average cost per 1000L reservoir (265 Gal), for a semi-organic program which includes four patented nutrient technologies built with our pH Simple chemistry.