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Floral Growth Grow flowers that are a cut above the rest.

Get more out of what you put in, with science. Improve uniform growth and experience robust root mass with the tools of Floral Growth Sciences.


Program Overview


  • Gardens and landscapes
  • Annuals and hanging baskets
  • Greenhouse cut flowers
  • Greenhouse propagation

Flowers That Won’t Quit

Feeding synthetic fertilizers are like feeding sugar to a child. They pop up flowers quickly, but they fizzle just as fast. Over time, plants become dependent if only fed synthetic chemistry, and in the case of pest control, some pests become more resistant.

Building a robust root mass enhances fertilizer application and grows stronger plants. Although, due to the soil chemistry involved with either organic or synthetic fertilizer additions, plant-available nutrients react quickly and become unavailable, requiring microbial activity to release them again. Without adequate microbial activity, what we end up with is high soil salinity with low plant availability, requiring frequent nutrient applications. High soil salinity restricts root development along with nutrient and water use efficiency. Closing the gap between soil salinity and mineral availability is the key to long, vibrant bloom times and healthy pest-free plants.

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Competitive Exclusion Report

Nutrient Use Efficiency Report

What to Expect

Build your reputation by building up your soils.

The best solution is to encourage microbes that help micro-till the soil and continually cycle available nutrients for better long-term growth. Using organic substances to promote microbial activity (prebiotics) while adding a dash of refined minerals, we’ve found, produces the healthiest, most abundant, plants.

Think of starting a crackling fire using a firestarter or a lighter (The biological method) as opposed to lighting a string of firecrackers (synthetics), or using friction to light green/wet logs (organics) to stay warm. Microbes mine nutrients in the soil, regulate their release to your plants, and crowd out disease. That’s the Biological Method, a three-pronged approach that works to:

  • Feed microbes that make more nutrients available
  • Crowd out disease through competitive exclusion
  • Boost biological processes with the right nutrients, in the right place, in the right amount, at the right time.

Building resilience and stabilizing productivity while increasing overall quality equals money in the bank. Your flowers will have more buds, bloom longer, with a bigger root mass to handle shifts in environmental conditions. Limit product returns and sell out faster with Floral Growth Sciences.

blocking disease pythium rhizoctonia fusarium


Flowers that outlast the competition.


Our program is easy to implement and fits with your existing practices. Here’s how it works:

  1. Review your soil tests and existing practices
  2. Easily plug our program into your existing fertility
  3. Get more out of what you put in


Alstroemeria Roots

Fuzzy and White!

Results Building a strong foundation to success

“Since working with Eco Health on building up my living soils, I have noticed a reduction in disease pressure and an increase in productivity. My stem calliper is definitely larger and overall quality has improved. I’m sticking with the program for sure!”

Martinez, Greenhouse manager, DeeJay Greenhouses

Up to 40%

Larger rootmass

UP to 35%

Reduction in Fungicides