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For Home Owners Use what the Pro's use!

By popular demand, we’ve downsized our packaging and simplified the application of some of our most popular semi-organic fertilizer formulas for various areas around the home.


Program Overview


  • Home Gardens
  • Lawns
  • Trees
  • Flowers
  • Veggies
  • Ponds

Our environment is a wonderfully complex mosaic of ecosystems. There is no better map to success in growing anything than following how mother nature does it herself. One hundred and fifty years ago, everything was organic. The last seventy-five were all chemical. In the 21st century, our discovery realizes that combining positive aspects of both ways will ultimately grow the most abundant, cleanest, and healthiest planet today and for future generations. By mimicking the geological, biological, and chemical processes that occur naturally, you’ll be able to:

  • Put microbial armies to work for you 24-7-365
  • Use these armies to maximize nutrient and water use efficiency sustainably
  • Reduce your required synthetic inputs and make them work better for you
  • Manage in a way that’s environmentally sustainable for future generations

Benefits + Advantages

Pest control is a real issue. Soil health is a problem. Some say modern chemistry has gone too far, others argue it evolved out of necessity. Balancing environmental safety with productivity is the challenge of home growers today.

The Biological Method is a unique framework we’ve originally developed at the commercial scale and now available to homeowners, that combines geological, biological, and natural chemical components for a better way to grow…well, basically anything—from trees to lawns, veggies, and flowers. It works like magic.

Except it’s not: it’s science.

The Biological Method balances a three-pronged approach that combines the best of modern scientific advancements with the wisdom of ancient organic practices… The best of both worlds.

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Don't throw out the baby with the bath water!


Why not 100% Organic?

Just like we shouldn’t revert to shamanism to heal us when disease threatens our lives, we don’t have to throw away 100 years of plant chemistry knowledge either when it comes to growing plants. However, we now recognise that eating a healthy diet of natural foods is better for us than a completely processed diet, and healthy living can prevent many diseases. Your properties ecosystems are the same! Whether in your Lawn, Flower beds, or your veggie garden. Feed your system, not just your plants!

Dependency causes overuse, and it’s the overuse of harsh chemistry that is negatively impacting our environments. Biological components, on the other hand—such as beneficial microbes and their products, act like soil probiotics limiting the dependence on such aggressive inputs. Thus, the Biological Method is a realignment of management inputs and practices that work within nature with the best from both worlds.