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Turf Growth Dominate Your Game

An environmentally-friendly addition to growing dense turf that’s more resistant to pressure. Experience the resilience of Turf Growth Sciences.


Program Overview

Turf Growth Applications

  • Golf courses
  • Sports fields
  • Lawn bowling and tennis courts
  • School play fields
Ideal Turf Soil Profile

Buy yourself time to react to environmental changes.

Sculpting nature to our needs can have significant environmental pushback. Performance turfgrass stands, whether a golf green or sports field are exposed to intense environmental pressures. Low cut heights, high fertility needs, and relentless physical trampling are unavoidable circumstances we face in exchange for good playability.

Unfortunately, in order to achieve these traits, we create a perfect breeding ground for disease. This is why fungicides are essential to turf grass managers’ ability to create these types of playing surfaces for our enjoyment.

So, if we consider applying a fungicide akin to dropping a proverbial bomb and we provide no ground support after the strike,  the open ground we leave is free for the taking as fungicide effectiveness diminishes. Here is where we see the need to reapply every 21 days. This makes us beholden to their use and often manage on a razor edge waiting for the enemy to POP up with any shift in pressure.

What to Expect with Turf Growth Sciences

Send in the Troops!

So what if in support of the airstrike, you could fill an army of microbial workers to mine the rootzone for nutrients all while competing with diseases by crowding them out? Diversify your IPM strategy by using targeted airstrikes and ground support, with The Biological Method.

Don’t take em’ for granted!

Further to that, pesticide resistance is a legitimate problem; science tells us overuse and half-rate applications can diminish the effectiveness of these valuable tools by allowing the organism to grow resistant.

 The Biological Method helps you by:

  • Improving the efficiency of  fungicide applications
  • Introducing microbes that make more nutrients available, clean roots and encourage deeper growth
  • Boosting those biological processes with the right nutrients, in the right place, at the right time.


blocking disease pythium rhizoctonia fusarium


Check out Turf Growth Sciences competitive exclusion!

The grass is greener on your side.


Our program is easy to implement and fits with your existing practices. Here’s how it works:

  1. Just add it to the tank, no brewing or special storage requirements
  2. Improve the efficiency of your existing inputs
  3. Get more out of what you put in


Poa annua roots in July in the Pacific North West

Results Deep roots are the foundation of resilience

Having used Turf Growth Sciences since 2017, I’ve noticed reduced thatch levels and less fertility inputs without sacrificing turf quality. This was recently confirmed by my independent agronomist. As a result, I’ve been able to reduce my aerations as well. These reductions easily pay for the product’s cost. 2020 saw the busiest year we had experienced and that carried through the wet winter months into the spring of 2021. Turf Growth Sciences will continue to have a place in my fertility programs going forward.

Dave Fair, Superintendent, Northview Golf and Country Club.

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