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Through our B2B e-commerce solutions and integrated LTL (Less Than Truckload) shipping, we pass these savings on to you by eliminating brick-and-mortar distribution channels.

We have products for all of your growing needs:

Turf Growth Sciences Keep your turf in tip top shape.

Healthy roots make or break a playing surface. 220 rounds a day, or a tournament weekend can have devastating effects not only on the playing surface but your reputation as well. Resilience comes from well-established foundations.

  • Speed up recovery time
  • Minimize disease pressure
  • Increase root mass up to 33% or more
  • Reduce fungicides and fertilizer up to 35% or more
Turf Growth Products
golf green roots

Crop Growth Sciences More than dirt.

Soil carbon quality is the fulcrum of the farm. Healthy soils equals healthy farms. Start working with nature to increase your bottom line and our planet’s wellbeing.

  • Activate soil microbes on your schedule
  • Increase the quality of your crops
  • Reduce your dependency on pesticides
  • Feed your soil, not just your plants
Crop Growth Products
Rosy Farms

Tree Growth Sciences Help your trees reach new heights.

Give urban landscape trees a fighting chance. Natural forests rely on vast symbiotic nurseries with mother trees working with soil microbes to nurture young trees. To successfully transplant isolated strips of trees of the same age into manufactured soils, you need the right program that won’t create a dependency on synthetic minerals. By addressing the Bio-Geo-Mineral interactions in soils, the Tree Growth Program will mimic how trees function in a forest setting and fast-track your handoff back to nature.

  • Decrease transplant shock
  • Reduce evergreen flagging and deciduous dieback
  • Improve drought tolerance
  • Foster uniform growth and increase root mass
Tree Growth Products

Floral Growth Sciences Flowers that won’t stop blooming.

Grab a competitive edge with dependable, consistent growth and significant gains in productivity. Our floral health science will help.

  • Increase bloom times
  • Improve colour and fragrance
  • Increase caliper and bud formation
  • Reduce fungicides and fertilizer up to 33% or more
Floral Growth Products
Peony from Smit Greenhouses using Floral Growth Science with the biological method

Water Health Sciences Keep water clean and clear.

Most water systems suffer from problems like biofilm formation, algae, odours and germs. All these problems are microbial in nature and can be solved or avoided with our program.

  • Non-toxic environmentally friendly naturally occurring probiotics
  • Regain control over your waterway
  • Reduce harmful algae growth and BOD
  • Reduce energy consumption and equipment load
Water Health Products
Control the cleanliness of your waterway with Water Health Science using the biological method

Enviro Health Sciences Repair the earth.

With Enviro Health Sciences, environmental damage can be reversed, fast-tracking your landscape’s clean-up and return back to nature.

  • Mitigate site contamination
  • Speed up return of government bonds
  • Reverse accidental impacts
  • Fast-track your hand-off back to nature
Enviro Health Products
Beautiful British Columbia with the biological method Enviro Health Science

Canna Growth Sciences Grow the strain of the day.

Implement a flexible semi-organic cannabis growing program that allows you to quickly adapt to the latest strain of the day with minimal retraining.

  • Adopt an easy program with the flexibility to adapt
  • Achieve strain genetic potential
  • Maximize terpene profile and resin production
  • Implement a semi-organic program for the cost of a synthetic
Cannabis Growth Products

For Home Owners Get More out of What You Put In!

Use What The Pros’ Use!

We’ve reduced the packaging sizes of some of our popular commercial products to bring their use and affordably to the homeowner market.  Browse some of the applications and Get more out of what you put in, with the Best from both worlds. Economically and Ecologically.

For Home Owners Products
Home garden