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0.3% Fe, 1.5% Mn

Aleve anti-stress elements are a high Potassium (K), manganese (Mn), sea kelp, and organic acid product formulated to relieve plant stresses and maintain vigorous growth when desired. Contents in Aleve have been shown to improve photosynthesis and respiration, mitigate ethylene production, and promote cell division. Aleve contains elicitors of natural plant defense mechanisms that systemically strengthen the plant, such as phytoalexins and stilbenes biosynthesis. Cannabis plants consume high levels of manganese to build compounds that combat stress. Aleve replenishes low manganese levels to correct for nutrient imbalances and catalyze metabolic processes through the addition of vitamins, betaines, mannitol, alginic acid, and other polysaccharides.

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4 kgs Pail

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Aleve contains manganese [Mn], iron [Fe], and select sea kelp stimulants, such as phytoalexins and stilbenes, that strengthen natural defence mechanisms in plants. Cannabis plants require sufficient levels of manganese for metabolic processes like glycosylation, ROS scavenging, and photosynthesis. Aleve replenishes low manganese levels to correct nutrient imbalances and catalyze metabolic processes by adding vitamins, betaines, mannitol, alginic acid, and other polysaccharides found in sea plants.

Mn deficiency can be a severe plant nutritional disorder in soils with high pH and partial pressure of O2 (pO2). Mn deficiency is often seen in plant tissues in dry, well-aerated soils with high amounts of organic matter. By contrast, Mn toxicity occurs on poorly drained and acidic soils, such as improperly buffered peat, in which high amounts of Mn are rendered available. In either situation, the bio-availability of Mn can impact optimum plant growth. (Broadley et al., 2012) To avoid these extremes, you can see that providing the proper soil volume that matches the plant’s evapotranspiration rate (how much water they need daily) is critical to nutrient balance.

4 kgs Pail

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 129.5 × 104 × 113 cm

To correct for deficiencies in manganese, and provide hormone regulating products that assist in growth, development, and stress relief.

Application Rates

0.1 – 0.2 Grams / Litre of solution throughout the growing cycle with every feed. Mix in reservoir with other Soil Element Products at recommended rates as per Canna Growth feed schedule.


Sea Plants, Manganese EDTA, Iron EDDHA, Organic Acids


Soluble Powder


4 Kgs Pail


**Mix into a slurry before adding to reservoir-Mix Well Before** *consult your representative for specific applications. Store in a cool dark place. Avoid excessive humidity and moisture.

Keep out of reach of children. Rubber or impervious gloves recommended when handling. Avoid Inhalation. Do not ingest. Eyes: Flush with cool water Skin: Wash with soap and water. Ingestion: Do NOT Induce vomiting and consult a physician. Dilute by drinking plenty of water.

Store in a cool dark space. Keep out of high humidity and heat.

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