BeneBlend MJ

Soil Probiotic

7000 ug/ml Bacteria

150 ug/ml Fungi

25000 MPN/ml Protozoa

Beneblend liquid Plant Probiotic is a highly diversified organic matter extract of the richest worm castings and freshwater regenerative peat bogs in the Rocky Mountains. Beneblend contains NON-GMO free-living nitrogen-fixing and phosphorous solubilizing bacteria, oxalotrophic fungi, and many free-living amoeba and flagellates. Beneblend also contains many volatile fatty acids (VFA’s), organic acids, humic substances, and trace elements found in ancient glacial moraine deposits. Beneblend is designed to enrich the rhizosphere to promote a balanced growing media ecology.

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20 Litre Carboy

Treats 20,000 litres


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Beneblend MJ is a liquid soil probiotic designed to foster a healthy soil ecology and boost a plant’s systemic acquired resistance to environmental stresses. This product aids in balancing microbial communities and populates soils with the beneficial communities correlated to show improved growth. Beneblend MJ is loaded with natural non-pathogenic gram-negative bacteria,  general fungi including Trichoderma, free-living nitrogen-fixing bacteria, and protozoa of the rhizosphere.

Once activated, microbes release metabolites of volatile fatty acids (VFA’s), organic acids and enzymes into the soil matrix. This aids in releasing locked-up minerals and boosts plant immune functions. Beneficial microbes work  5 – 7X faster than disease organisms and outcompete for space and resources, keeping the potential disease in check.

Beneblend MJ is the first step in Integrated Pest Management that may help reduce infection rates and slow the spread of infection by fostering a competitive soil ecology. Beneblend MJ may allow you the time to diagnose and target specific infection sites before significant monetary loss: reducing over applications of chemical controls and helping to mitigate pathogen resistance to chemical treatments. Incorporating Beneblend MJ in your management practices may maximize the efficiency of fertilizers by increasing natural nutrient cycling and solubilizing soil nutrient reserves when used as directed.


As you can see in the illustrations below, simply filling the space left by a chemical application prevents the vacuum effect. However, the unintended consequence of fighting the vacuum effect with more chemistry creates a dependency cycle. Disease organisms can adapt to increased applications, leading to resistance and undermining the effectiveness of the very tools we so considerably require in performance horticultural management. Implementing a biological approach will help fight against disease chemical resistance, provide vigorous roots, cycle tied up nutrients, and compete with diseases.



Implementing a biological approach in horticultural management should not be seen as a replacement for chemical pesticide use. Instead, we recommend using in conjunction with and rotation with conventional practices. Therefore, Broadspec Technology incorporated in BeneBlend MJ is just another tool for horticultural managers. Albeit, a darn good one.


beneblend disease competition

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Weight 20.1 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 25 × 40.5 cm

Provide soil microbial life to growing mediums

Application Rates

Mix in reservoir with other Canna Growth Products at recommended rates as per Canna Growth Sciences feed schedule. 2-3 ml / Litre of solution throughout the growing and bloom cycles.


Reed sedge peat, Worm castings, select composts, humic and fulvic acids, organic acids


Concentrated liquid suspension


20 Litre Carboy


Non-Toxic. Contains living organisms that may cause growth. Filter any growth before adding to tank. Dilute with water and dispose down drain in case of environmental spill.

**Shake Well Before Portioning** this product contains organic contents, settling will occur. Consult your representative for specific applications

Keep out of reach of children. Rubber or impervious gloves recommended when handling. Avoid Inhalation. Do not ingest. Eyes: Flush with cool water Skin: Wash with soap and water. Ingestion: Do NOT Induce vomiting and consult a physician. Dilute by drinking plenty of water.

Store in a cool dark space. Keep out of high humidity and heat.

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