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Built through 100’s of rounds of experience, Canna Growth cocoLIFE is a blend of double rinsed fine coconut coir and perlite with key soil health additives. The addition of perlite aids in the homogenisation of the media’s moisture profile. This prevents dry tops and soggy bottoms associated with pure coco coir media. The addition of worm casting effectively inoculates the root zone with a robust microflora for premium root health. A very slight loading of organic inputs provides the microflora with sufficient nutrients to flourish.

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40 Litre Bag


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When using this precharged media, DO NOT apply nutrients when transplanting young clones. This may lead to nutrient lockout and poor growth. Plants require more water than nutrients at this stage. Simply apply our Beneblend, Acceler8, Trichoblast, and Aleve organic amendments with enough water to fully saturate the media and leave to dry for at least 3-4 days. DO NOT overwater as young roots need to explore for water and over-saturation will lead to poor root development. Repeat a full saturation of the solution of the organic amendments when sufficiently moist. Do NOT let medium completely dry out. Roots should bottom out within 6-7 days. 

Starting with a clean, well-balanced medium is the foundation of successful repeatability and productivity. The four critical elements in a growing medium are: 

1) LIVING SOIL  provides a significant amount of disease suppression to combat root diseases and maximize nutrient utilization. In addition, having a nutrient program that supports and works in concert with soil life mitigates several challenges faced during a growing cycle.

2) WATER HOLDING CAPACITY  has to account for the plants’ expected biomass (Size). In other words, how much will plants drink every day, at peak performance, with your desired conductivity (EC)? This means determining the volume base on plant needs and your desired watering interval. (never go longer than a two-day interval, or soil chemistry may cause problems) Balancing the volume’s porosity with substances like perlite to avoid dry tops & soggy bottoms, waterlogged or overly dry rootzones and will avoid overall retarded growth from these unfavourable conditions.

3)  CATION EXCHANGE CAPACITY, or how much nutrients the soil will hold before letting them go to your plant, is also important to know going in. We need to match that with the conductivity (EC) of the solution to ensure enough nutrient is getting to the plant, especially at the beginning. Picture it like a jar of marbles. High CEC equals a big jar, and low CEC equals a small jar. How big is your jar? And how many marbles do you need to overflow and be able to return some to your plant? This is critical to a fast start. Target 10 – 15 meq/100g.  

4) PH AND BUFFER CAPACITY  is the final and most critical component of the media mix to avoid problems later. Adequately calculating buffer components is paramount to a strong finish. Target pH 6.0+/- 0.1, with a buffer pH of 6.7, will indicate your soil is adequately buffered. Start on the right foot with Canna Grow Sciences CocoLIFE, and don’t leave it to chance

Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 70 × 40 × 10 cm

Provide a growing medium for cannabis plants and other annual plants.

Application Rates

Match medium volume with container size to accommodate for expected plant biomass. An approximate scale is for every 1 ft plant height, calculate 1 to 1.5-gallons of the pot volume. Use your own judgement.


75% Fine Coconut Coir
20% Perlite
5% Worm Castings
0.1% Organic Nutrients

Organic Nutrients Derived From::
(Feather meal, alfalfa meal, bone meal, blood meal, glacial rock dust, natural rock phosphate, fishbone meal, mineralized phosphate, potassium sulphate, insect frass, basalt rock dust, humic acid, gypsum, kelp meal, oyster shell flour, greensand)


Grow Media


40 Litre Bag


Keep from freezing. Avoid excessive heat. Do not leave in direct sunlight.

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