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Phosaxe delivers soil-applied nutrients that delay the chemical fixation and reactions between phosphorus and metal cations (KAT-I-ons) in alkaline or acidic soils. This patented chemistry allows for phosphorus and potassium to enter and stay available for longer periods in the soil. Phosphorus is a vital component of ATP, the “energy unit” of plants. It is involved in several key plant functions, including energy transfer, photosynthesis, the transformation of sugars and starches, and nutrient movement within the plant. Needed in sufficient quantities during both flowering and rooting stages.

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8 kgs Pail

Treats over 22,800 Litres


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SKU: CG-PX-8K Category: Cannabis Growth


Phosaxe Flower Set Promoter

Low salt index and low acidifying P&K sources used in Phosaxe Flower Set Promoter combined with an organic acid complexing agent serve to assist in nutrient uptake and utilization during peak flowering. High phosphorus analysis in Phosaxe provides concentrated delivery of phosphorus for ultimate grower control.

Talon Bioassimilator

Talon Bioassimilator, one hundred percent plant-derived, chelating (KEY-late) technology provides industry-leading chelation strength and bioavailability. The quadruple point chemical bond properties of Talon are fully metabolized by plants, requiring less energy to use over convention chelates and complexes. With Talon Technology, plants spend less energy converting applied raw nutrients into usable forms. In turn, Talon allows plants to spend more energy developing fruits and tissues rather than converting applied nutrients into usable forms before they can be used for plant growth and development.

Talon Compared to Traditional Chelates

  • 100% plant-derived
  • Multiple points of chelation (4 vs 2 with Glycine) = stronger bonds, less reaction with other chemicals in soil solution.
  • Dual Action – Biochelation and Biostimulation
  • Wide pH plant availability – pH 3 to pH 10
  • High solubility
  • Low environmental impact

Aminoacid Chelates

  • Mainly glycine
  • Weak Complex by comparison
  • Mostly Iron products are available

Synthetic Chelates (EDTA, DTPA, EDDHA)

  • Single-mode of action
  • Low degree of biodegradability
  • Risk of mobilization of heavy metals- Flushing
  • much larger molecules


Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 129.5 × 104 × 113 cm

To correct for deficiencies in phosphorus and provide for specific uses where additional phosphorus is desired

Application Rates

0.1 – 0.35 grams per Litre. Consult the Canna Growth feed schedule for specific rates and timing.


Monoammonium Phosphate, Potassium Phosphate, organic acids, humic acids


Soluble Powder


8 Kgs Pail


**Mix into slurry before adding to reservoir-Mix Well Before** *consult your representative for specific applications. Store in a cool dark place. Avoid excessive humidity and moisture.

Keep out of reach of children. Rubber or impervious gloves recommended when handling. Avoid Inhalation. Do not ingest. Eyes: Flush with cool water Skin: Wash with soap and water. Ingestion: Do NOT Induce vomiting and consult a physician. Dilute by drinking plenty of water.

Store in a cool dark space. Keep out of high humidity and heat.

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