Acceler8 GH

Soil Prebiotic Soluble Powder

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Acceler8 Prebiotic soluble powder is a blend of organic acids, plant extracts, and short & long-chain carbohydrates specifically designed to catalyze Bio-Geo-Chemical processes in highly managed horticultural systems. Non-Toxic & Environmentally Friendly, Acceler8 proprietary formula is a highly diversified organic complex designed to grow soil bacteria and fungi and promote a balanced soil ecology. A healthy soil predator/prey ecology helps to release nutrients in the soil solution and fosters a competitive soil ecology to keep pathogenic organisms in check.

1.36 kg Pail

Treats 0.6 hectares or 1.5 acres


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Acceler8 GH Prebiotic uses a unique Root Exudation Technology to promote the growth of beneficial soil bacteria & fungi and nutrient cycling protozoa. This unique blend of sea kelps and carbohydrates works to catalyze biogeochemical interaction in soils and stimulates microbes to secrete organic acids and enzymes to unlock bound soil minerals and boost plant immune system function. Each ingredient in Acceler8 GH has been selected for specialized functions to enhance soil stabilization, carbon sequestering, and natural nutrient cycling. 

Acceler8 GH has been shown to re-energize the biochemical cycles in soils by helping to condition an ideal environment for beneficial soil biology. Microbial diversity has repeatedly been shown to foster overall ecosystem health, stability and resilience. Beneficial microbiology provides plants with Immune-Boosting Hormones and Plant Growth Promoting Enzymes which serve to strengthen Natural Plant Defense Mechanisms. Acceler8 GH, and its counterpart Beneblend GH, are the first step in Integrated Pest Management to help reduce infection rates and slow the spread of infection through fostering a competitive soil ecology. 

Acceler8 GH may allow you the time to diagnose and target specific infection sites before significant monetary loss: reducing over applications of chemical controls and helping to mitigate pathogen resistance to chemical treatments. Incorporating Acceler8 GH in your management practices may maximize the efficiency of fertilizers by increasing natural nutrient cycling and solubilizing soil nutrient reserves when used as directed.

Eco Health Industries’ all-natural Biomimicking Technology Platform selects for specific ratios of soil bacteria and fungi. By mimicking the work of natural plant root exudates, we can reduce the energy burden on young or stressed plants by supplying select carbons to encourage beneficial microbial activity. This is especially critical for young plant establishment and speedy recovery from stress.

Through proprietary combinations of organic compounds extracted from plants, we can foster the growth of either general fungi, general bacteria, or both, depending on the ecological succession framework of our target plants. In nature, the ratio of general microbial populations trends towards bacterial dominance in annual plants and trends towards fungal dominance in forest settings. Grasses trend to have an equal balance, tipping slightly to fungal dominance.

Fostering suitable microbial activity gives young plants a shove in the right direction, helping them put more energy into root and shoot development without creating a dependency on fertilizers.

Additional information

Weight 1.36 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 cm

Root Growth and Nutrient Cycling


Inground Soil Drench
20 grams per 1000 sqft/ 92 SQM every 14 days

Propagation Tables
65 grams per 1000 sqft/ 92 SQM every 14 days
Dosatron @ 100:1 – 65 grams in 1 L will cover 1000 sqft/ 92 SQM.


Long and short-chain Saacharides, Humic acids, Plant extracts, and organic acids.


Soluble Powder


1.3 kg


**Mix into slurry before adding to reservoir-Mix Well Before** *consult your representative for specific applications.

Keep out of reach of children. Rubber or impervious gloves recommended when handling. Avoid Inhalation. Do not ingest. Eyes: Flush with cool water Skin: Wash with soap and water. Ingestion: Induce vomiting and consult a physician

Store in a cool dark space. Keep out of high humidity and heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the application rates for Acceler8?

    Soil Drench Application:

    Inground or Potted Plants of Annuals & Perrenials – 20 grams per 1000 sqft/ 92 SQM every 14 days

    Propagation Table Application:

    Annuals, Perrenials, Vines, Shrubs, & Trees.
    Dosatron @ 100:1 – 65 grams in 1 L will cover 1000 sqft/ 92 SQM.

  • How is Acceler8 applied?

    Acceler8  is a soluble powder designed as a soil drench application for established in-ground & potted plants or a sprench application for cuttings and seeds.

  • What does Acceler8 GH do?

    Acceler8 allows you to fast-track the development of microbial processes by adding a blend of unique carbon sources that mimic root exudates. These carbon sources will activate soil microbes that will help to releases locked up minerals and boosts plant immunity to environmental stresses.


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