Mother Tree

This item will be released May 1, 2022.

A Revolutionary Urban Tree Nurturing Device

Lasts up to 5 times longer than Watering Bags!

Dump the watering bag!….cause you can’t recycle them.

Eco Health Industries, patent-pending, 100% recyclable MotherTree design covers four key elements to help urban juvenile trees thrive after transplant. It functions to protect against basal root damage (Trunk Guard), acts as a weed barrier to minimize water and nutrient competition (Weed Mat), offers capabilities to deliver supplements, and most importantly, provides 1.7 times the water volume compared to watering bags (Watering Device). Mother Tree provides 24-7-365 protection for young trees, although the best benefit is while its construction removes tonnes of waste plastic destined for the landfill, it has NO annual on-off labour or seasonal storage required!

Provides up to 94 Litre Slow Drip Watering Capacity (25 US gal.)

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Watering bags are basically single-use plastics. One nip with the string trimmer and they go straight to the dump!

Urban Tree Care Simplified:

  • Composed of 30% to 100% recycled plastic depending on desired colours.
  • Can be 100% recycled up to 12 times through our in-house recycling assurance network. That’s over 144 years of closed-loop plastic life.
  • Has a 12+ year life expectancy.
  • 30% more affordable than watering bags over the life of the products.
  • Save up to 50% on watering labour contracts to deliver the same volume of water compared to watering bags.
  • Is NOT a limited-use plastic like watering bags.
  • 3 products in 1: Weed Mat, Trunk Guard, and a Watering Device.
  • Accommodates up to a 7-inch diameter trunk.
  • The esthetically pleasing design resembles a mulch mound.
  • 70% larger water capacity than typical water bags resulting in fewer annual site visits.

“Nearly twice the water with improved delivery efficiencies equals half the fillings. This benefit alone produces substantial savings to offset the initial investment in this system for municipalities.”

  • Won’t compact vulnerable tree root balls like watering bags.
  • Improves watering efficiency with simplified filling and delivery to the perimeter of tree roots.
  • Attached to the soil, not the tree. Won’t pull on trees planted on slopes due to its completely independent design.
  • Elevated bottom contour improves trunk and soil surface airflow through side vents and leaf/debris guard around the trunk.
  • Can deepwater nutritional supplements and wetting agents through the fill port baskets when required.
  • Disperses cool water over a 5 hour period.
  • The clog-free design prevents Sun heated water from stressing roots.
  • One-time installation- No seasonal on-off requirements.
  • Designed to live in-field- 365, and be moved to a new tree every 3 – 5 years.
  • Rugged design materials withstand even the harshest environmental conditions.
  • Durable HDPE (think Gas can) construction will stand up to string trimmers and zero-turn mowers.
  • Improves overall landscape maintenance efficiency.
  • The novel design allows for nesting during shipping for improved logistics.
  • Snap lock design is tamper and theft-resistant.
  • Canadian developed, Canadian Made, North American Sourced, Patent pending.

Other Problems with Watering Bags

One other major problem with watering bags besides compacting the sensitive basal area of young trees is that when they roll and clog, the entire water weight pulls and hangs on the tree trunk. Because trees store a good portion of energy for next year’s growth during the current year, these types of stress damage usually don’t show up until the following season. Minimizing stress events for newly planted trees will help to reduce irregular growth and pruning and maintenance costs down the line. Just one more reason the Mother Tree nurturing device is a better choice for urban tree care.


tree watering bags don't always drain properly
tree watering bags hang and pull on young trees when they don't drain properly


Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 93 × 40 × 50 cm

Large volume water delivery, Weed mat, Trunk guard


Designed to live in the field 24-7-365. Can last up to 4 juvenile tree care cycles. 12 plus year life expectancy.


Durable High-density Polyethylene 3mm body with reinforcement struts.


Made from 30% recycled plastic and can be 100% recycled at the end of life or irreparable damage.


94 litres


Assembly required upon receipt. Snap lock design prevents theft or tampering. Easy as putting a lid on a 5-gallon pail.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Mother Tree come fully assembled?

    Unfortunately, in order to save on shipping and reduce the total carbon footprint of the device, we have to nest it. Some assembly is required, however, it’s as easy as snapping a lid on a bucket!

  • How ofter should I fill the device?

    Best practices suggest that during the summer months you should fill it at least once and preferably twice per week. However, you should only fill it as much to match the size of the tree. About 38 litres, or 10 US gal, (half full) per 2.5 cm, or 1 inch, in diameter per week. For a 5 cm, or 2-inch diameter trunk, fill the unit twice a week. Reduce watering in times of rain and in the spring, increase during heat waves or long hot dry summer months.

  • Can I put supplements through the device?

    Yes! the Mother Tree is designed with strainer baskets in the water fill ports to accommodate required supplements when necessary. We recommend our Tree Growth Sciences Products, such as acclim8 tree prebiotic, to encourage beneficial microbial growth and provide a touch of food to kick things off.

  • Can Mother Tree be placed on a slope?

    Yes!, Mother Tree has 2 drain holes per half that are at the corners of the device. Position the device with each half of the unit facing downhill, and securely fast with 15 cm, or 6-inch, spikes through the spike hole provided at the exterior corners of the device. Note spikes are not provided.


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