Magnesium & Calcium Boost

2 – 0 – 0  +4% Ca, 1.7% Mg

100% available nutrients for fast correction

Silvi Cal is a liquid concentrate formula designed to maintain levels or remedy a deficiency of calcium and magnesium in trees and shrubs. This formula incorporates the benefit of fulvic acid to keep these two cations bioavailable to the plant once applied to soils. Unhealthy new growth, or pale coloured leaves, may be a result of insufficient levels of calcium and magnesium. Silvi Cal can assist in making sure your trees and shrubs have the proper building blocks to grow to new heights.

20 Litre Pail


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Calcium and Magnesium- Building Blocks of Life

Calcium and Magnesium as building block elements are paramount for proper tree reestablishment and sustainability. Calcium aids in cell division, strengthening of cell membranes, and cell wall structure for a strong, uniform framework to resist osmotic stress. With healthy cell walls, trees can translocate other nutrients throughout their structure from branch to branch, and from leaf to roots. Magnesium aids in the development and generation of chlorophyll, which provides colour in leaf and flower tissue. With more chlorophyll production, trees can generate more energy through photosynthesis to sink additional carbon and produce oxygen. Magnesium also aids the transportation and absorption of key nutrients, such as phosphorus and iron.

Where is my Calcium and Magnesium Going?

We all know that pH plays a vital role in mineral availability for nutrient uptake, however, the pHC of water sources is another factor to consider when managing elemental nutrient levels. pHC is a measurement of water’s potential to be a stripper or depositor of soil elemental nutrients. This calculation is based on the total cations, carbonates, & bicarbonates in your source water. If the pHC value is above 8.4 it is a stripper of soil nutrients and if below this value, it is a depositor of elemental nutrients. Easier said, the cleaner the water source (ex. rain & glacier run), the more potential it will have to strip elemental nutrients from the root zone. This variable plays a crucial role in managing the calcium and magnesium levels for newly establishing trees and shrubs.

Additional information

Weight 22.6 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 42 cm

Addresses Calcium and Magnesium Deficiencies.


The application should be guided by soil analysis. Consider the following:
5 ml / Litre of water adds:
Calcium 43 ppm
Magnesium 16 ppm
Nitrogen 19 ppm
to 5 Litres of soil volume.


Calcium Acetate, Magnesium Nitrate, Fulvic Acid


Liquid Concentrate


20 L Pail


Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest. For handling and first aid precautions please see Safety Data Sheet. Information regarding the contents and levels of metals in this product is available on the internet at

Follow appropriate safety procedures, In case of accidental exposure, flush with plenty of water. Minimum personal protective equipment (PPE) including gloves and eye protection are recommended. Do not allow product to contact open wounds. Product is non-hazardous.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Silvi Cal applied?

    Silvi Cal is a liquid application designed as a soil drench or root injection based on soil elemental analysis.


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