Sanitation Applications

Sanitation Applications

Probiotic Cleaning Products

Probiotic Cleaners

Chrisal Probiotic Cleaners are the future of cleaning. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, three dimensional cleaners that incorporate 'green' detergents, natural enzymes, and the power of living probiotics clean continuously for up to 3 days. The probiotics in Chrisal products are carefully selected to work to their maximum effect under extremely diverse external conditions. All our probiotics have been approved for use in food and have been analysed by external institutions for a variety of safety aspects.

Biodegradable Garbage Bags

biodegradable bags

SUMO Bio-Bags are engineered for strength and high visibility yet are still environmentally responsible . Even eco-friendly bags as durable as these will totally degrade when exposed to sunlight and oxygen thanks to EPI’s TDPA pioneering technology.

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