Probiotic Cleaning Products

Chrisal Probiotic Cleaners are the future of cleaning. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, three dimensional cleaners that incorporate 'green' detergents, natural enzymes, and the power of living probiotics clean continuously for up to 3 days. The probiotics in Chrisal products are carefully selected to work to their maximum effect under extremely diverse external conditions. All our probiotics have been approved for use in food and have been analysed by external institutions for a variety of safety aspects.

Chrisal Commercial Sanitation Probiotic Cleaners

  • Completely non-toxic
  • Chrisal reduces the need for harsh chemicals!
  • Highly effective and long lasting
  • Wide variety of uses
Crop Health Products

Chrisal provides a complete range of incredibly effective, unique, safe and environmentally friendly products for your personal and home use. Chrisal’s Probiotic Products gently balances your skin actually working down to the microscopic level and they create a healthier environment in your home or work areas for you and your loved ones.

Do you or someone you love suffer from misery of allergies …or from the hidden ones that cause that morning stuffiness or tired feeling?

Chrisal is a true break-through in lowering the risk of suffering caused by various allergies. Chrisal’s Patented Hypoallergenic PIP (Probiotics-In-Progress) ALLERGY FREE Spray safely removes dust mite allergens and other contaminants and irritants in a natural, green, eco-friendly way to create a healthier environment. It also eliminates odors at their source – not just covers them up!

By applying a mist of Chrisal PIP Allergy Free Spray to pillows, bedding, upholstery, drapes, carpets, stuffed toys and all other surfaces, allergens and dangerous biofilm are removed, and replaced by a long-lasting protective layer of PIP beneficial organic probiotics creating a safe, stable and odor free natural environment.

Gentle to the skin, but tough on allergens, each spray keeps working for up to 3 days at a time to provide ongoing protection wherever sprayed. Chrisal’s Allergy Free BioMist actually works at the microscopic level, applying a protective coating of beneficial organic probiotics that lets you create and control a healthier, natural, safe, stable and odor-free environment for your homes and work areas.

Allergy Free is a key Chrisal flagship product! The most incredibly effective way of dealing with allergies, related conditions and contamination in your home!

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Probiotic Cleaning Products

  • PIP Floor Scrub

    PIP Floor Scrub

    PIP Floor Scrub is a probiotic cleaner for use with floor cleaning machines. The lasting effects of probiotics significantly reduce
  • PIP Hand Soap

    PIP Hand Soap

    PIP Hand Soap is a probiotic skin cleanser, which creates a healthy and stable microflora on your hands. It has
  • PIP Interior

    PIP Interior

    PIP Interior is a probiotic all-purpose cleaner for all water-resistant surfaces. The lasting effects of probiotics significantly reduce the risk
  • PIP SaniGel

    PIP SaniGel

    PIP SaniGel is a ready-to-use, highly effective probiotic cleaner for cleaning heavily used surfaces such as bedpans, urinals, toilet seats
  • Economic Pro

    Economic Pro

    Economic Pro is a super concentrated all-purpose cleaner, enriched with probiotics. Suitable for cleaning all types of organic dirt on
  • Organic Descaler

    Organic Descaler

    Organic Descaler is an eco-friendly cleaner based on organic salts, which are extremely suitable for removing lime and rust stains
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