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Get MORE out of what you put in!

Unlock the power of microbiology to grow sustainable thriving ecosystems.

The Biological Method is easy

It’s not rocket science.
Just a little framework we call The Biological Method.

Our environment is a wonderfully complex mosaic of ecosystems. There is no better map to success in growing anything than following how mother nature does it herself. One hundred and fifty years ago, everything was organic. The last seventy-five were all chemical. In the 21st century, our discovery realizes that combining aspects of both ways will ultimately grow the most abundant, cleanest, and healthiest planet today and for future generations. By mimicking the geological, biological, and chemical processes that occur naturally, you’ll be able to:

  • Put microbial armies to work for you 24-7-365
  • Use these armies to maximize nutrient and water use efficiency sustainably
  • Reduce your required synthetic inputs and make them work better for you
  • Manage in a way that’s environmentally sustainable for future generations

And don’t worry, we’re not talking about changing everything and turning the world upside down. We’re only talking about a little change in focus on what you already do. Just consider what role microbiology already plays in your land….and then maybe, consider we might be able to change that.


Discover how…

Our Innovations

Rosy Farms Haskap Farm using the Biological Method

WHAT WE DO There might be a simple solution to your management challenges.

The challenges you face are unique, but the Biological Method is a framework that can be plugged into any conventional growing system and solve many environmental issues. We’ve developed maintenance programs that are uniquely for:

and yes….even  Cannabis

Pest control is a real issue. Soil health is a problem. Some say modern chemistry has gone too far, others argue it evolved out of necessity. Balancing environmental safety with profitability is the challenge of growers today. The Biological Method balances a three-pronged approach that combines the best of modern scientific advancements with the wisdom of ancient organic practices… The best of both worlds.

WHO WE ARE It doesn’t have to be either or.

Founded in 2013, Eco Health Industries is a Canadian Agri-Biotech company located in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. We specialize in the development and formulation of environmental probiotics and specialty fertilizers. Our products are value add technologies that focus on nutrient use efficiency and environmental sustainability. These technologies allow land managers to efficiently use fertilizers and reduced harm pesticides to maximize economic profitability and ecological sustainability.

We operate a streamlined small batch production facility occupying 5000 sqft, with production capacities of 10,000 litres, 2500 kgs soluble powders, and 6000 kgs blended granulated products per shift. We have accompanying packaging lines for 1, 4, 10, 20, 210, 1000 Litre containers, 500g – 4 kg powders, and a 10 – 25 kgs bagging line. We offer white label opportunities to various industry brands. Plans are in place to receive our ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001 certifications by Q3 2022.

Development can weave within nature using the Biological Method
A little about us
  • Heart shaped flower sketch

    01 Driven by passion for growth.

    Status quo is not for us. We’re here to shake things up, to do things better, to make a difference. ‘Don’t do nothing’ are words we live by and don’t recommend the ostrich approach to problem solving. Yes, we like to see plants, grass and trees grow, but when your business grows too, that’s why we get up in the morning. Like the soil we fix and the plants we grow, we recognize our symbiotic relationship with our customers; your success is our success. It’s called eco-efficiency: economic profitability today and ecological sustainability for future generations.

  • Science beakers sketch

    02 With science on our side.

    No single person can have 12 different PhDs. We’re supported by scientific research partnerships comprised of top scientists who specialize in different disciplines. We consult them to help optimize our maintenance programs, which gives us a unique perspective when developing cost effective and sustainable solutions.

  • Lightbulbs growing in planter sketch

    03 In a perpetual state of innovation.

    We like to joke that a good day for us is when things don’t blow up. We’re tinkerers, constantly experimenting, testing, refining—looking to improve our products, tweak our programs, make things work even better. We get up every day to make the world a greener place. The more complex the problem, the more excited we are to tackle it head on.

  • Head growing out of ground with flowers sketch

    04 Blossoming relationships, too.

    Through all of this, we’re your growth partners, committed to your success. Got concerns? We’ve got your back. Have questions? We’re here for you. Go ahead, ask us anything. From the first soil testing on, we’re right there in the trenches with you every step of the way, working to identify the best solutions to the problems you’re facing.