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Fertilizer Efficiency Products and Soil Amendments

Products for Farmers, Agronomists, and Consultants

Odour Control Products, Probiotic Cleaners and Dust Control Polymers

Soil Probiotics and Custom Specialty Fertilizers

Products for Municipal, Turf, and Greenhouse Managers

Nano Biotech Foliars and Water Management Amendments

Aggregate Stabilizing Polymers

Products for Engineers and Landscape Architects

Biological Wastewater Treatments and Toxic Contaminant Encapsulation Products

Green Seal and Probiotic Cleaning Products

Products for Facility and Custodial Managers

Biodegradable Garbage Bags and Odour Control Products

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  • Silvi Health

    Reduce municipal carbon footprint
    Reduce tree service carbon offsets
    Maximize worker efficiency
    Extend budget effectiveness
    Spend more time planting and less time maintaining.

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  • Floral Health

    Floral Health Products drive beneficial soil biology in your favour. Soil biology regulates soil carbon quality→ Soil carbon quality is the key to plant health and performance→ The Biological Method stimulates soil biology→ If you're not managing it, it's managing you!

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