BeneBlend AG

Soil Probiotic

7000 um/ml Bacteria

150 um/ml Fungi

25000 MPN/ml Protozoa

beneBlendTM soil probiotic is a highly diversified carbon complex composed of beneficial bacteria, fungi, and protozoa of the rhizosphere, designed to help foster overall system function, productivity and resilience of intensively managed agricultural production systems. Developed from multiple highly specific source materials from natural deposits, and several expertly crafted & naturally humified complexes, beneBlendTM is triple filtered at 400 microns to ensure uniformity and consistency. We then convert beneBlendTM to a super-concentrated pure, flowable suspension through our proprietary process.

10 Litre Jug

Treats 5 acres

4 Litre Jug

Makes over 3300 Litres or 880 gallons


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A healthy soil predator/prey ecology helps to release nutrients in the soil solution and consume potentially harmful organisms. Microbial diversity has repeatedly been shown to foster overall ecosystem health, stability and resilience. Beneficial microbiology provides plants with Immune-Boosting Hormones and Plant Growth Promoting Enzymes which serve to strengthen Natural Plant Defense Mechanisms.

BeneBlend AG  is the first step in Integrated Pest Management that may help reduce infection rates and slow the spread of infection by fostering a competitive soil ecology. BeneBlend AG  may allow you the time to diagnose and target specific infection sites before significant monetary loss: reducing over applications of chemical controls and helping to mitigate pathogen resistance to chemical treatments. Incorporating BeneBlend AG  in your management practices may maximize the efficiency of fertilizers by increasing natural nutrient cycling and solubilizing soil nutrient reserves when used as directed.

Non-Toxic & Environmentally Friendly

As you can see in the illustrations below, simply filling the space left by a chemical application prevents the vacuum effect. However, the unintended consequence of fighting the vacuum effect with more chemistry creates a dependency cycle. Disease organisms can adapt to increased applications, leading to resistance and undermining the effectiveness of the very tools we so considerably require in agricultural management. Implementing a biological approach will help fight against disease chemical resistance, provide vigorous roots, cycle tied up nutrients, and compete with diseases.

Implementing a biological approach in agricultural management should not be seen as a replacement for chemical pesticide use. Instead, we recommend using in conjunction with and rotation with conventional practices. Therefore, Broadspec Technology incorporated in BeneBlend AG is just another tool for Agricultural managers. Albeit, a darn good one.

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Weight 10.1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 12.5 × 30.5 cm

Provide soil microbial life to soils

Application Rates

Soil Applied:
6 L / Hectare
85 fl oz / Acre
2 – 5 times per season soil applied.

Foliar Applied:
6 L / Hectare
85 fl oz / Acre
2 – 5 times per season foliar applied.

* Use 30 mesh (595 µm) or larger filters


Reed sedge peat, worm castings, select composts, humic and fulvic acids, organic acids.


Concentrated liquid suspension


Non-Toxic. Shake Well Before Portioning. Contains living organisms that may cause growth. Filter any growth before adding to tank. Dilute with water and dispose down drain in case of environmental spill.


10 Litre Jug, 4 Litre Bottle

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